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The supply chain underpins Australia’s economy, with freight and logistics accounting for almost 10% of the GDP. On the brink of another Industrial Revolution with the impacts of Industry 4.0 still to be fully realised, the need for shared knowledge in the sector is clear. 

So, we thought it’s about time we had something connecting the supply chain community across Australia. There are currently around 150,000 supply chain executives in this country, but nothing connecting them together through learning.  

The Supply Chain Channel was created to fill a need for information, networking, case studies and empowerment for everyone in the supply chain sector.  

  • Inspire, empower and upskill
  • A learning ecosystem for all of supply chain
  • Live content and experiences
  • Collaborating and sharing knowledge
  • Connecting an engaged community

Our Audience

  • Role

    End to end supply chain – from procurement, warehouse management through to logistics operations- we got you covered!
  • Sector

    All across the industry – we’re supporting Australia’s key productive sectors
  • Level

    No matter your seniority or experience, we’ve got something for you on the Supply Chain Channel

About Our Learning Experiences

This is where our content comes to life! Nothing is quite like getting out of the office to meet the leaders in the industry, hear the latest insights and connect with your peers. When webinars don’t quite cut it, we’ve got interactive and engaging experiences to reignite your fire for the supply chain! 

Tailor your experience, customise your topic and create connections. All our events are created through extensive industry research to make sure we’re filling the knowledge gaps and providing you the best platform to grow. 

About Akolade

Akolade has been supporting the supply chain industry for over 7 years through knowledge, networking and inspiration. Bringing events such as ASCI 2018 & 2019, Retail Fulfilment Summit, Supply Chain Innovation, Demand Planning and Inventory Optimisation and Integrated Business Planning Summit, Akolade has a strong reputation for quality content. The time is right for us to give back to the supply chain sector and support the growth of learning to meet the challenges of a new, integrated supply chain future. 

Born from the passion to transcend sector boundaries and deliver ground-breaking disruption, Akolade strives to revolutionise the business success of our partners and customers.

We don’t believe ‘because it’s always been that way’ is any reason to resist innovation and deny the opportunities collaboration has to offer. We thrive on the vibrancy and the unique energies of leading individuals, organizations and sectors as a whole.

We prioritize trust with all our stakeholders, the highest quality of content, integrity in supporting ethical behavior and, above all, fulfilling our role as the platform to enable our customers to reach their business goals.

We are Akolade.Co