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Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards winners for 2020 announced

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Winners and High Commendation recipients for the 2020 Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards (ASCL) were announced online yesterday, recognising outstanding organisations and individuals across the supply chain industry through seven award categories.

Determined by a selected panel of judges, companies and individuals in the supply chain sector received awards under Industry Excellence, Future Leaders, Supply Chain Management, Training, Education and Development, Informations Tech and Management, Environmental Excellence and International Supply Chain.

Here is the full list of the winners for the 2020 Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards:

Industry Excellence Award

Winner: Samir Rafiq, AMR Solutions Consultant, Körber Supply Chain APAC

High Commendation Recipient: Ryan Cummings, Managing Director, Whale Logistics

Supply Chain Management Award

Winner: Körber Supply Chain (Ready to Deliver)

High Commendation Recipient: Swisslog Australia and Linfox AND ASICS Australia, Michael Masulans

Training, Education and Development Award

Winner: EB Games Warehouse Leadership

High Commendation Recipient: ECU School of Business and Law Associate Professor Ferry Jie

Information Tech and Management Award

Winner: Körber Supply Chain (Turning over a new leaf for T2)

High Commendation Recipient: eStore Logistics

Environmental Excellence Award

Winner: Custom Innovation Co. (CIC), Rob Fisher, David McLaughlin, Tim Allison

High Commendation Recipient: CouriersPlease, Ben King

International Supply Chain Award

Winner: GS1 Australia (Scan4Transport – Global Centre of Excellence)

High Commendation Recipient: Cloud Logistics Solutions, Renzo Bevinetto

Future Leaders Award

Winner: Jackson Meyer – Verus Global

High Commendation Recipient: Matthew Unali – TM Insight, Eleisha Birkensleigh – Allied Express

According to the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia, the winner of the 2020 Future Leaders award will receive enrolment into Leadership Management Australia’s (LMA) “The Performance Edge” 10 week development course.

“We improve the productivity of organisations by improving their people, making them better organised, better communicators and better equipped to resolve issues,” LMA said in a statement.

“Our learning process is unique, proven and guaranteed, producing measurable results and an identifiable R.O.I. providing our participants lasting attitudinal and behavioural changes. We don’t train people, we develop them and there’s a massive difference,” the organisation continued.

Serving the industry for 60 years, the ASCL Awards is described as the longest running awards program in the supply chain industry.




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