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Rachael Budd author

Rachael Budd is the founder and president of Transolve Global, an international freight forwarding company that challenges the traditional ways of freight forwarding and uses innovative methods to ship cargo around the globe and take their clients’ businesses further. Rachael started Transolve Global in 2006 and has grown it from a one-person operation into a global market leader with a formidable international presence, and a network across the globe, which includes offices in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. In addition, Transolve Global is a licensed customs broker in Australia, New Zealand and a licensed NVOCC in the USA. With clients across a myriad of industries such as mining, bulk liquids, FMCG, food & beverages, industrial, agriculture, machinery, automotive and more, Rachael has a comprehensive knowledge of the full spectrum of global trade routes and all major industries. Rachael’s innovative nature and astute acumen has shaped Transolve Global into the global freight forwarding force it is today. Her comprehensive knowledge of the global trading landscape and expertise insights have been invaluable in delivering value to her clients. This expertise has been especially invaluable as she helps businesses navigate the unprecedented post-pandemic global trade landscape, whilst continuing to take their business further.