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DHL adds Sustainable Marine Fuel option to full-loader shipments

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DHL Global Forwarding has introduced the new Sustainable Marine Fuels service for ocean freight, which allows customers to decarbonise their complete ocean freight supply chains.

The new service is part of the air and freight specialist’s sustainability strategy to reduce its main haul carbon emissions. Following the success of the launch of a similar service for Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipments, they are now extending the carbon reduction option to Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments.

The company said offering the option of using SMF is another step towards cleaner and greener ocean freight, in line with DHL Group’s Mission 2050 of zero emissions logistics.

“The launch of our Sustainable Marine Fuel service for the neutralisation of carbon emissions for LCL shipments was very successful,” said Dominique von Orelli, Global Head of Ocean Freight, Global Forwarding.

The SMF service is now available for all ocean freight shipments.

With the launch of the SMF option, the company said is not only making it easier to access sustainable deliveries for its customers but also raises awareness for sustainable alternatives.

The carbon reduction is achieved by DHL Global Forwarding purchasing SMF through partners and matching it with the amount consumed in the FCL shipment.

Through the “book & claim” mechanism, there is no requirement for physical traceability of the fuel through a supply chain, as the environmental attributes of the SMF are separated from and can be purchased independently from the physical fuel.

International fashion company Lindex is the first customer switching to sustainable marine fuel for its FCL ocean freight.

“We are at a turning point for our entire society. It is time to embrace innovation and collaboration, and together create the new normal we all would like to see – business models that are climate neutral, empowering, circular and truly sustainable,” said Johan Engen, Director of Logistics at Lindex.

DHL Global Forwarding said offering a sustainable fuel alternative for ocean freight is another step within the Group’s sustainability efforts. By 2030, the Group wants to invest 7 billion euros in climate-neutral logistics solutions and cover at least 30 percent of fuel requirements by sustainable fuels, according to their recently published sustainability roadmap.

Source: DHL


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