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Drowning in a sea of expectations

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Karen Livey-Article-Supply Chain-Leadership

You’re paddling along and notice a small hole in your boat. You start to paddle faster to get back to shore. The question is – will you make it before the boat sinks?

Right now, as leaders in the supply chain, you need to realise doing the same thing faster is not going to help in this current environment.

Things have changed. Everything has changed.

And, as a leader, you realise there are many, many different sets of expectations.

How do they all lineup?

There is, of course, the expectations from yourself – to hold up, to keep going, to do what’s ‘right’, whatever that means. Effectively, you’re desperate to keep the boat afloat.

Plus you have your team looking for guidance, and they’re not even sure they’re in the same boat!

The business wants you to keep running things smoothly to ensure the supply chain continues to operate over the rapids and down the waterfalls.

The customers, they want to receive their goods on time, according to your agreement.

Karen Livey-Supply Chain

The number one thing to realise, is you are at the core of your supply chain operating successfully (see model above). If you’re not able to manage yourself, you will not be able to continue.

It’s important to understand that at times like these, in a major crisis, it’s our basic brain biology that can take over and leave us with very little energy to think and make right decisions.

Here are three quick ideas to help you stay afloat:

1. Recognise the specific current situation you are in and decide if this is inside or outside of your control

2. If it is in your control, decide how you feel about it. Name the feeling.

3. Analyse-it – ask why you feel this way.

Doing this reduces the intensity of your emotions, shifts your brain more into your executive thinking area.

It will then allow you to plan, solve problems and make decisions that will suit the needs of yourself, your team, your business and your customers.

Simple and easy – and based on our primitive neurobiology.

Try it! I would love to hear how you did if you want a quick chat, happy to meet virtually.

Stay safe and composed.

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