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This course has been developed to provide participants with a deep understanding of tools and techniques to advance their leadership skills in order to manage the re-build of teams and organisations after COVID-19

COVID19 has thrown a few too many challenges our way when it comes to leadership and effective management. And for roles across Supply Chain & Operations, maintaining efficiency and productivity is essential for business continuity and managing lightning-fast changes in demand and supply. 

Join Supply Chain Channel as we launch our L.E.A.D program, bringing you a series of unmissable workshops and online training programs that gives you access to expert facilitators and consultants for hugely discounted prices.  


Strong leadership is more important now than ever before. Upskilling yourself on the proper tools and techniques to manage remotely, to improve productivity across your teams and to communicate priorities effectively could be your make or break over the next few months.  


You will learn how to lead and manage your teams effectively and ensure operations continue to deliver best results across people, processes and technologies. Use this time to not only upskill yourself, but to ensure your teams are happy and productive, and to improve skills to manage the surge of business post COVID!  

  • 1. Effective tools for re-building operational strategies
  • 2. Establish metrics and goals to track productivity
  • 3. Inspire your teams with influential communication tools
  • 4. Create communication frameworks that build trust around project expectations
  • 5. Engage your team online
  • 6. Implement agile change management systems
  • 7. Navigate your team through disruption and uncertainty
  • 8. Ensure business and operational continuity through strong and effective leadership


Day One | 21 June | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Shift expectations as we face a new normal

  • a. Straddling the line between employee trust and an effective management structure
  • b. Establishing metrics and goals to track productivity
  • c. Facing new operational structures with clarity and consistency

Create an effective communication framework

  • a. Getting the most out of team meetings – morale and productivity
  • b. Building trust around project expectations and status updates and being consistent!
  • c. Influential communication skills for teams, management and external stakeholders

Day Two | 22 June | 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Productivity and purpose in teams

  • a. Creating your virtual “open door” policy to improve company culture
  • b. Looking at employee’s work output rather than time spent working
  • c. Creative ways to engage your teams remotely and reduce procrastination

Change management strategies for uncertain times

  • a. Implementing agile change management strategies and processes
  • b. Management skills to support and develop remote teams through change
  • c. Gain buy-in from teams to navigate turbulence collaboratively

Who attends?

Teams Leaders, Managers, Head’s and Directors across the following Supply Chain and Operations Functions:  







Meet your Facilitator

There is so much more potential for businesses to grow and improve profitability, yet business leaders are stuck in the “day-to-day” transactional activities like a bird trying to fly against gale-force winds.  

Ishan will help you build capability in your business to manage the day-to-day and to improve its performance “year-on-year”.

How is this done?
Through implementing processes and building capability over four stages: 1) Stabilise, 2) Unlock, 3) Propel and 4) Excel 

Ishan has been in the Manufacturing Excellence space for 20 years, with the last 15 years specialising in the food sector with multinational companies such as Kellogg’s and Campbell Arnotts. In his most recent role, he was a member of Kellogg’s global team that developed its Supply Chain Excellence program.

Ishan has a wealth of knowledge in the field of Productivity Improvement and Leadership Development, working across six countries for nearly two decades.

Ishan is passionate about helping the mid-tier manufacturers to have the same multi-national expertise to improve their productivity, efficiency and ultimately their profitability.


In the comfort of your own home – PJ’s optional

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