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Demand Planners, Inventory Managers, Supply Chain Leaders...

This event is for you! (And also, Replenishment, IBP, S&OP, and Planning Managers – we don’t discriminate). It’s about time you had an event just for you to discuss:

  • 1.Best practice examples of demand planning, forecast accuracy and inventory management
  • 2.Lessons learned, mistakes made and answers to common pitfalls in the planning process
  • 3.The benefits of tech and whether it will help or hinder your planning
  • 4.How to nail the fundamentals and become a strategic business partner
  • 5.Managing the expectations of customers in your supply planning

The Best Practice Demand Planning Summit is the ONLY event bringing together demand and supply planners across Australia. Happening this 24-25 March 2020 at the Stamford in Melbourne, this event will tackle creating a benchmark for best practice and an action plan on how to achieve it with improved forecast accuracy, more effective inventory management and a focus on delivering value to the end customer.

The summit will also bring together practical case studies from leading global companies to showcase how people, process and technology contribute to effective planning processes. With interactive round table discussions, panels and countless networking opportunities, demand planners across the country will have the opportunity to share ideas, solutions and forecast the future of their function. Featuring innovations with technology and systems, as well as insights into achieving efficiencies across the planning process, this is the one event for planners you can’t afford to miss. 

Network, learn and brainstorm with:

Other challenges we can solve

  • 1. How the demand planning function is changing (right now!)
  • 2. How AI, machine learning and automation will impact demand planning
  • 3. Improving and supporting data integration and visibility
  • 4. Benchmarking best practice looks like across diverse supply chains
  • 5. Developing a culture of continuous improvement for your planning
  • 6. Advancing inventory management through people, process & tech

Agenda Overview

Tuesday, 24 March 2020
Wednesday, 25 March 2020

    Demand planning in the future supply chain 

  • 9:10
    International keynote: Optimising demand planning and benchmarking best practice business outcomes for Newell brands

    • Analysing the whole supply chain model to create a benchmark of best practice and KPIs to achieve 
    • Working with end-users to create efficiency in demand planning processes 
    • Understanding the downstream impact of your forecast and impact on the bottom line for your business 
    Emebet Yohannes
    Manager, Demand Planning – Newell Integrated Supply Chain Optimization Newell Brands (US)
  • 9:50
    Case study: The evolution of the Demand Planner in an IBP organisation

    • Identifying the key skills Demand Planners will need to develop to drive integrated business strategy – understanding of the full P&L forecast
    • The role of technology in accelerating the demand planning evolution
    • Educating and upskilling demand managers to move toward the future of demand planning 
    Mark Pearson
    National Demand Leader Lion
  • 10:30
    Cross-functional business influence: Becoming a strategic business partner

    • Looking into the role of demand planning and the opportunities to influence business strategy 
    • Working across the business – how to leverage opportunities to collaborate with sales, marketing, operations and finance 
    • Making calculated risks – going beyond purely reading data to support business growth 
    Manish Narayanan
    Demand Planning Implementation Specialist 7-Eleven
  • 11:10
    Morning Break
  • 11:40
    Demand Planning Leaders’ Panel: Best practice demand planning

    • Driving collaboration to achieve high forecast accuracy across the business 
    • Developing good demand signals throughout the entire supply chain 
    • Understanding priorities for your demand planning processes and knowing where to compromise to achieve strategic business objectives 
    • Embracing technology to enable productivity from financial reporting through to growth delivery 
    Eric Wilson
    Director – Thought Leadership Institute of Business Forecasting
    Steve Stanley
    Senior Demand Planner General Mills
    Dharmik Mandalia
    Senior Supply Chain Specialist Cummins
    Sonia Dunne
    Planning Director – Australia Carlton United Breweries
    Rochelle Martin
    General Manager Planning and Inventory The Good Guys
    Daniel Hampton
    Demand Planning Manager Reliance Worldwide Corporation
  • Leveraging technology to improve demand planning processes 

  • 12:20
    Demand Planning levelled up: Introducing AI, machine learning and Industry 4.0

    • Is AI the next sliced bread for your demand planning process? How to leverage the AI opportunity 
    • Integrating AI and machine-learning into your planning and forecasting – what you need to do now 
    • Creating the cultural foundations to optimise AI and move toward the future demand planning function 

  • 1:00
    Lunch Break
  • 2:00
    Case study: Improving demand planning execution through warehouse automation

    • Developing the business case for automation – why Woolies made the leap. 
    • Ensuring correct data input for optimal decision making with your inventory and warehouse automation. 
    • Using information to develop meaningful outcomes: What data-driven decision-making looks like in practice 
    Pablo Pelaez
    Automation Optimisation Specialist Woolworths Group
  • 2:30
    Interactive roundtable discussions

    • Developing best fit demand profiles for your business 
    • Is AI the next thing for demand planning? 
    • Bridging the relationship between demand & supply and production planning 
    • Utilising a warehouse management system to optimise inventory 
    Marcos Nolazco
    Demand Planning Executive British American Tobacco
    Fred Avellen
    Managing Director Optimity ANZ
    Daniel Hampton
    Demand Planning Manager Reliance Worldwide Corporation
  • 3:10
    Afternoon Break
  • 3:40
    Inventory optimisation: The link between demand and supply

    • Aligning the inventory strategy to the goals of your organisation
    • Forecasting and inventory management: the benefits of an integrated approach
    • Understanding how technology can optimise your inventory management plan
    Fleur Smits-Straathof
    Inventory Specialist Slimstock
  • 4:10
    Setting your priorities straight: Best practice inventory management

    • Key metrics for your inventory management – understanding what to prioritise for your business 
    • Inventory management in a multi-channel environment 
    • Applying best practice principles to inventory management 
    Bruce Allen
    Supply & Demand Planning Manager National Tiles
  • 4:40
    Case study: The S&OP journey in heavy industry: Upskilling systems and processes

    • Understanding the relationship between a robust demand planning process and successful S&OP 
    • Evolving from re-active planning to tactical S&OP 
    • Nexan’s journey: Identifying the opportunities for growth through IBP 
    Mehran Mohtadi
    National Sales & Operations Planning Manager Nexans Olex
  • 5:10
    Closing remarks from the Chair and networking drinks
  • 3:00
    Case study: Applying Demand-Driven MRP methodology

    • Applying the DDMRP methodology to Australian supply chains and understanding the business case for DDMRP adoption 
    • Understanding how DDMRP allows for better inventory planning with flow of information and materials 
    • Delivering better service levels with less inventory  
    Felipe Illanes
    Demand Planner Minova
  • 3:30
    Case study: Overcoming challenges in New Product Introduction and development

    • Exploring the challenge of baseline versus event forecast 
    • Dealing with seasonality and new product introduction across multiple sites and channels in a highly promotional business 
    • Product lifecycle management 
    Melinda Benbow
    Supply Planning Manager Bodyshop
  • 4:00
    Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference


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