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Join us for a four-part series this June…

We have seen that short combination of letters and numbers almost every minute of every day…COVID19 

And the impact that combination of letters has made on our lives is something that will be remembered for a very, very long time. 

But, will it change the way we operate in business?
Or will we revert to old ways to get ourselves back on track quicker? 

We will be examining how supply chains can pivot their current models to ensure they thrive post-pandemic! 

Hosted by Shane Lamonta former CPO of Sydney Water, and former senior leader with Caltex, Orica, BHP and Bluescope Steel. 

Which workshop is for you?

Join us this June to plan your recovery and apply expert knowledge to your procurement and supply chain plans. 


EPISODE 1: Redefining the Public Sector Procurement Value Proposition –
Achieve broader economic, social and community benefits 

Perfect for:
Public Sector and Private Sector Procurement professionals looking to achieve economic success post-COVID  


EPISODE 2: Re-thinking your Supply Chain model
– Cost Reduction vs Business Continuity

Perfect for:
For all Supply Chain Heads and Managers
 needing to reduce operational costs and ensure continuity for their business through challenging times  


EPISODE 3: Procurement role in the Collaboration Economy
– Importance of the collaborative economy moving forward

Perfect for:
All procurement and supply chain professionals come together to look at how collaboration between roles, seniority, and businesses globally will become at the forefront of business strategy and enable your supply chain to thrive in a new world


EPISODE 4: Technology is no longer a supply chain and procurement ‘nice to have’ 

Perfect for:
For all Supply Chain managers and
Procurement leaders looking to understand how technology platforms and processes will improve efficiency 

Meet your Facilitator

Shane Lamont has been the Chief Procurement Officer and Supply Chain leaders for some of Australia’s largest Mining and Heavy Industries, including Sydney WaterAscianoCaltexOricaBlueScope Steel and BHP Billiton. With some incredible stories to tell (all will be revealed!!) on how Shane has shifted the procurement and supply chain mindset of some of the countries most senior executives, he will be sharing how you can influence, collaborate and realign your models and strategies for life post-COVID… 

His expertise in Value Co-Design and Delivery, Transformation and Change, Project Delivery and Technology, Shane is the perfect facilitator to share his lessons and methods to use COVID-19 as a catalyst for change, and to prepare your supply chain models for a new economy.  

Now is the time for a global shift:

To rethink how we do things 

To explore how we can streamline processes and make them more efficient 

To put strategies in place that will mitigate risk in preparation for the next challenge. 

What will this series teach you?

How to achieve broader economic, social and community benefits by redefining your Procurement value proposition 

How to totally re-think your Supply Chain model to align cost reduction with business continuity 

The essential role of collaboration post COVID – How you must realign your procurement role to manage a collaborative economy 

Do not miss this series!

Group discounts are available!


In the comfort of your own home – PJ’s optional

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