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Australia's ONLY IBP Strategy Event now online

The IBP (Integrated Business Planning) Strategy Clinic is for the IBP leaders, IBP adopters, and anyone IBP curious! This event held online over 16 and 17 June 2020, is an intensive, practical gathering catering to the needs of the IBP curious, regardless of where you are on your IBP journey. The event will feature practical “lessons learned” to re-engage maturing organisations on IBP and excite the IBP adopters.


Featuring international insights from the US and New Zealand, as well as truly global IBP leaders and words of wisdom from Australia’s leading IBP organisations – this is the only event this year with 12+ IBP speakers and organisations. Creating a balanced conversation, there is specialist insight from financial leaders to help you understand the bottom-line of IBP. Network, engage, and learn at Australia’s only IBP event this June.

  • 1. A forum bringing together IBP Managers, CFOs, COOs, CEOs and S&OP leads
  • 2. Relevant for the IBP curious, IBP engaged and IBP leaders
  • 3. Discussing practical case studies with lessons learned & mistakes made
  • 4. Cross-industry insights from throughout the IBP journey
  • 5. Dual pathway event with foundation and maturing IBP
  • 6. Excellent networking and interaction with like-minded leaders

Hear from world leaders in IBP:

Other challenges we can solve:

If IBP is the right investment for you 

How to bring your C-suite along the journey of IBP

Partnering with your financial business leaders 

Exciting, engaging and reigniting your employees in IBP

How to build the business case and buy-in for IBP 

The critical success factors for IBP 

Agenda Overview

Day 1 | June 16

International Perspectives

  • 9:00
    International keynote: Creating a roadmap for IBP success

    • Learning from the latest trends and developments in IBP 
    • Aligning the people, process and technology for your strategy 
    • IBP case studies from around the globe: Successes and setbacks 
    • Building a timeline for IBP: Key tones and what your roadmap should look like 
    Eric Wilson
    Director – Thought Leadership Institute of Business Forecasting
  • 9:40
    International Case Study: 10 key lessons from a truly global IBP programme

    • Overcoming challenges in global IBP flow: managing 140 countries across multiple time zones and languages 
    • Managing nuances in IBP depending on the local culture and how to handle challenges with cultural differences 
    • Setting KPIs and balancing outcome performance and lead indicators 
    • Secrets for success managing multiple countries: Leadership, critical documents and customisation 
    Rob Finlayson
    Global IBP Lead Fonterra
  • 10:20
    Case study: Applying IBP to a global, matrixed organisation

    • Understanding the complexities of a matrixed organisation when applying IBP and why governance is critical to rolling it out successfully  
    • Applying a staged process of IBP in business units and learning from continuous evaluation  
    • Adapting the IBP process to best suit your organisation  
    Russell Korth
    IBP Program Manager APAC Medtronic
  • Break
  • 11:15
    Panel discussion: Overcoming challenges in IBP implementation

    • Putting in place IBP into unstructured company processes
    • Adopting a proactive strategic mindset and avoiding short-term reactive management
    • Engaging executives in the IBP process and educating your organisation•Supporting IBP implementation with tools and systems
    Rachael Button
    Former Integrated Business Planning & Strategy Lead Nufarm
    Victor Parmar
    Integrated Business Planning Lead PGG Wrightson Seeds
    Tammy Lidano
    Former National Supply Planning Manager Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API)
  • 12:00
    Building strong foundations: The pre-IBP process

    • Are you ready? Assessing where your business processes are at before embarking on your IBP journey  
    • What systems you need to nail in your business planning before introducing IBP  
    • Supporting change management in your business – leading your people through change  
    Tanya Rubbino
    Centre of Excellence Manager - Supply chain Orora
  • 12:40
    Interactive Q&A: IBP Finance Leaders: Driving bottom line results through IBP

    • Understanding the business case for IBP from the financier’s perspective 
    • Driving efficiencies through IBP and driving strategy  
    • Why forecasting is so important in the IBP process and impacts of an inaccurate forecast on business performance 
    • Managing Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) to drive efficiency in production  
    Flavio Lacota
    Manufacturing and Supply Chain Specialist & Former Finance Manager PZ Cussons & Mondelez
    Miles Brennan
    Financial Controller – Seafood, Snacks and Components Simplot Australia


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