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FourPL partners with FarEye to bring real-time visibility to ANZ customers

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Supply chain solutions provider FourPL has teamed up with FarEye, a logistics SaaS platform, to bring real-time visibility to its customers’ logistics operations. 

FourPL, an Australian IT consulting company specialising in supply chain and procurement, has announced its partnership with FarEye, a logistics SaaS platform that enables brands to orchestrate, track and optimise their logistics operations. 

FourPL are excited to announce our strategic partnership with FarEye. Our customers are demanding real-time visibility in their logistics operations and expect to know exactly when, where and how their goods will be delivered,” said Brett Findlay, CEOFourPL.  

FarEye helps businesses torchestrate logistics processes in a multi-enterprise and multi-stakeholder environment to ensure seamless and efficient movement of goods.  

Its platform is easy-to-use and easy-to-implement supported by its business process management engine and built-in extensive repository of industry best practices.  

The machine learning-based platform empowers global enterprises to shrink delivery time by up to 27%, increase courier productivity by up to 15%, eliminate risks by up to 57% and achieve operational excellence.   

“Today’s increasingly customer-centric economy requires integrated and value-added capabilities to achieve competitive advantage. FarEye helps organisations to maximise productivity and minimise risk while continuously making logistics operations efficient,” said Kushal Nahata, CEO and Co-founder, FarEye. 

Nahata said they are passionate about making movement of goods a positive experience through innovation, deployment of industry best processes and constant improvement.  

He also added that they make organisations future-ready by differentiating their offerings and making them best in class. This enables them to drive expected behaviours and underpin broader business objectives.  

Source: FourPL



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