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GS1 teams up with Persequor to empower supply chains in Australia

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Danish-based software company Persequor has joined GS1 Australia as a Strategic Alliance Partner to help drive its growth in the Australian market.

Persequor builds track and trace software, modules and data solutions to assist in the optimisation and digitisation of supply chains.

The company’s global expansion program will be led Persequor’s senior vice president of international market Ron Volpe.

Vope is a former general manager of Coles.

“We are extremely excited to have Ron and the Persequor team join the GS1 Australia Alliance Partner Program at the highest level,” said Peter Davenport, alliances manager, GS1

He said that this will allow them to build awareness, network with their 21,000 members and collaborate on opportunities in the traceability space.

“The topic of traceability is a hot one right now and the timing of this partnership could not have been better,” he continued.

Through the formal partnership, which commences in October, Persequor will be visible to a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, clothing, and in particular food and beverage where the need for traceability and focus on food safety has never been stronger.

Ron Volpe said that efficient supply chain solutions are crucial to business success for Australian producers, manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers.

“We both have the same mission of empowering businesses to track and tell the story of their materials and products across the supply chain,” said Volpe.


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