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IBP Strategy Clinic: Rob Finlayson

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Rob Finlayson

Let’s get to know our IBP Strategy Clinic Speaker, Rob Finlayson. He is the Global IBP Manager,  Fonterra Cooperative. He will also give an overview of his session; international case study: 10 key lessons from a truly global IBP programme.

What inspires you to be part of the supply chain sector?

Nothing quite compares to being able to integrate customers from all over the globe with the products they want in a dynamic and ever-changing technological and business environment.

What is the key theme you want people to talk away from your talk?

Despite the scale and seeming complexity of IBP in the worlds largest Dairy exporter, there are common IBP themes and behaviours that are just as applicable in a small domestic organisation as they are in Fonterra. You may be surprised how they distill into just a few important things that are vital to success in any IBP organisation

Can you please give us a brief preview of your talk/panel discussion?

Fonterra IBP manages to integrate all ~50 of its OpCos representing in 140 countries into a single monthly Management Business Review (MBR). I will share 10 key lessons that we have learned in the four years since we began the IBP journey. They will range from how to work across multiple time zones (sleep is definitely not over-rated) to managing seeming disparate Strategic Objectives into a coherent whole at the Exec table, to what the few things the CEO really really wants to see. Also, a key lesson will be about managing yourself – the IBP Lead.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?

Its all about behaviours

What advice can you give to those who are looking at a career in Supply Chain?

Jump in. Try many different roles. If you can – swap areas every 6-12 months. Getting a broad understanding of all the different Supply Chain is better IMO than specialising too early. Its a big field.

About IBP Strategy Clinic

The IBP (Integrated Business Planning) Strategy Clinic is for the IBP leaders, IBP adopters and anyone IBP curious! This event, held on the 23 March 2020 at the Stamford Plaza Melbourne, is an intensive, practical 1-day gathering catering to the needs of all the IBP curious, regardless of where they are on their IBP journey. The event will feature practical “lessons learned” to re-engage maturing organisations on IBP and excite the IBP adopters.

Featuring international insights from the US and New Zealand, as well as truly global IBP leaders and words of wisdom from Australia’s leading IBP organisations – this is the only event this year with 20+ IBP speakers. Creating a balanced conversation, there is a specialist panel of financial leaders to help you understand the bottom-line of IBP. Network, engage and learn at Australia’s only IBP event this March.

Catch more of Rob Finlayson on the stage of IBP Strategy Clinic! Register and learn more about this event here.


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