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Parcel Monitor: How a Year of COVID Affected Australia’s e-Commerce Logistics

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(Image Source: Parcel Monitor)

How much has e-commerce logistics changed for Australia amidst COVID? After analysing the effects of COVID on Australia, our media partner, Parcel Monitor zoomed in on the 2 different pandemic waves in 2020. After two lockdowns in two different periods of the year, how has Australia’s logistics performed? Our media partner, Parcel Monitor analysed the data over 2020 and made some insightful observations:

1. Transit times surged during both COVID waves – from 2.2 days to 3.1 days in April and 2.6 days to 3.5 days in August.

2. Delivery success rate at its peak during lockdown – 93% to 94%

Did Australia perform as you expected? Read the full article on Parcel Monitor to find out what drove the e-commerce logistics performance in Australia!

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