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Top 5 Global Logistics Challenges

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global logistics

Global logistics are hard to manage due to the lack of transparency in the supply chain. While technology has progressed in recent years, many companies still only receive data about the transport of their goods days or even weeks after their goods were delivered at the final destination.

Just consolidating all this data after the fact is a cumbersome task and resolving any issues within the supply chain and logistics industry is nearly impossible as it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where and when something went wrong.

Below are the top 5 global logistics challenges companies face.

1. Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is also an issue that is becoming worse each year as ordering goods on the internet is increasingly becoming the new norm. This encourages a lot of counterfeiters to enter the arena and sell fake products, which in turn leads to further decreased consumer confidence.

2. Theft of goodsglobal logistics

For manufacturers it is very difficult to figure out where theft may have occurred as information about the shipment of their goods is usually only available days or weeks after (most of) their products have already arrived at their end destination.

3. Lack of accurate data on shipping conditions

A shipping company may turn off the fridge or freezer straight after leaving a port to save costs and turn them back on closer to the end destination. When the conditions are checked at that endpoint, the temperature may well be within the right parameters again but the quality of the products will have been affected already as the temperature parameters were not met throughout the entire journey.

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4. Manual processes

5. Lack of shipment updates for end customers



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