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Top 5 Supply Chain Management Books to Upskill you in Quarantine

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Social Distancing is an excellent opportunity to take some much-needed time at home to upskill. 

What will you do?  
Learn French?
DIY your home?
Finally master the headstand?  

In case you’re in need of some other ideas for upskilling, we have put together a list of our top 5 Supply Chain Management books to keep you occupied during self-isolation.   

#1 Single Point of Failure: The 10 Essential Laws of Supply Chain Risk Management by Gary Lynch

This is your weapon of choice when facing increasing customer demand. Whether that’s how to create better value for less cost, personalisation, more choice that’s easier to tailor, faster delivery, better quality, exceptional service, and more recently – increasing environmental and social consciousness.

Gary Lynch also provides real case studies and addresses vital questions such as:  

  • How to establish a robust supply risk management program? 
  • Why no risk strategy is a solution for bad decisions? 
  • What causes supply chain risk management demand to trump supply? 
  • Which sourcing strategies create more risk, not less?

    Published: 2009
    Price on Amazon: $32.44 

 #2 Strategic Supply Chain Management: The Five Core Disciplines for Top Performance by Shoshanah Cohen and Joseph Roussel

In today’s very uncertain economic environment, this book teaches you how to implement a robust supply chain strategy, which is critical for your business success. 

Cohen and Roussel explore the five crucial disciplines you need to focus on to concrete you supply chain management: 

  • Aligning your supply chain with your entire business strategy 
  • Developing an end-to-end process architecture 
  • Designing a high performing supply chain organisation 
  • Building the right collaborative model 
  • Using metrics to drive performance

    Published: 2013
    Price on Amazon: $29.40 

 #3 The Supply Chain Revolution: Innovative Sourcing and Logistics for a Fiercely Competitive World by Suman Sarkar

When CEOs think about the supply chain, it’s usually to cut costs. But the smartest leaders see supply chain and sourcing for what they can be: hidden tools to outperform your competition. Sarkar highlights the value of rethinking and re-modelling your strategies to transform your supply chain.

Using examples from a range of industries, Sarkar explores how highly responsive supply chains made brought the most value for their company, for example, the success of TJX, Amazon, Starbucks, and Airbus is fueled by supply chain and sourcing. Showcasing real solutions, The Supply Chain Revolution can educate you to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Published: 2017
Price on Amazon: $20.58

#4 Managing Supply Chain Operations by Lei Lei, Leonardo DeCandia, Rosa Oppenheim, and Yao Zhao

This book is developed in collaboration with the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management is formed around a collection of research projects conducted with over 100 participating organisations. It combines theory and practice in presenting the concepts necessary for the strategic implementation of supply chain management techniques in a global environment. 

The book focuses on the key drivers of supply chain performance, including: 

  •  demand forecasting 
  • sales and operations planning 
  • inventory control 
  • capacity analysis 
  • transportation models 
  • supply chain integration 
  • project management  
  • and risk analysis. 

It is enhanced by real-life examples and case studies. 

Published: 2017
Price on Amazon: $33.84 

#5 The Forklifts Have Nothing to Do! Lessons in Supply Chain Leadership by Joseph L. Walden

There is no better time to brush up on leadership than now. Amidst a global crisis, strong leadership can be the make or break of your supply chain management. This book provides practical methods for improving supply chain operations. The author spent more than 25 years leading supply chain and shares explore how to improve your supply chain operations, and therefore improve your bottom line, regardless of your industry.

Published: 2003
Price on Amazon: $15.88 

We are with you through this challenging time!

Let’s make the most of life slowing down by upskilling and resetting. Let us know what you think of these books, and if you have any other recommendations, get in touch!  

P.S. We are also working day and night to ensure we are providing the most valuable content for you. If you have any ideas on the type of content and topics you would like to see, please fill out this short survey.

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