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Truck book keeps grain trucks harvest safe

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When a loaded grain truck arrives at a receival silo during harvest, it most likely has not been weighed and there are up to one thousand possible legal gross mass limits that may apply to the truck. These mass limits depend on the truck combination (92 at last count), multiple gazetted notices and state specific harvest (mass management) schemes that could apply to the load. The site sampler, normally a seasonal worker such as Uni student, therefore, needs a reference to determine the correct truck code and legal mass limit, this is where the GTSN Truck Book comes into play.

The Grain Transport Safety Network (GTSN) recognised the complexity of truck classification and developed the GTSN Truck Book. All the mass limits applicable in QLD, NSW, Vic and SA are detailed in the book, which is a free PDF download.

Derek Robjohns, GTSN Chair and Viterra Logistics Manager stated, “By correctly loading within the legal mass limits, truck loads can be maximised improving productivity with reduced public risk from overloading.”

The GTSN has worked closely with national and state regulators to ensure that the data in the Truck Book is accurate.

Kieren Gardner, GTSN member and GrainCorp Road Compliance Manager noted, “Ongoing regulator support has been invaluable, especially the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). The Truck Book has become a key reference for grain carriers.”

Below is an example of a common truck code example from the Truck Book.

The Truck Book also provides supply chain partners with grain industry specific information on: Chain of Responsibility; procedural guidelines at receival sites; and a raft of technical detail applicable to grain trucks.

To further assist our Uni student at the receival site correctly classify trucks, GTSN has also developed a Truck Chart as a free download. The Truck Chart summarises the 12 most popular truck codes received at grain sites. Both the Truck Book and Truck Chart are updated before every harvest.

GTSN is a collaborative network of grain industry supply chain participants including loaders and unloaders of grain, freight providers, customers, growers, and the government/statutory authorities. Our primary objective is to raise awareness of the risks arising from the transport of grain and improve the safety of grain moved by heavy vehicles.

Full and Associate membership details can be found on the website.

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