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Wellness company Plexus Worldwide launches new DC in Australia

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Health and wellness company Plexus Worldwide has announced the launch of its new distribution centre in Australia.

The new 3PL distribution centre will offer faster access to products with in-market shipping, compared to products coming from the U.S..

In 2019, Plexus chose to expand in Australia due to its large population of 25 million, competitive and open economy, and demand for new products in the health and beauty space.

“Having a Third Party Logistics Distribution Centre in Australia will help increase efficiency and improve shipping duration but also reflect increased investment in the Australian Market,” said Sinead Pollock, General Manager of Australia at Plexus Worldwide.

“This will also support the growing number of customers and ambassadors in Australia as well provide a localised economic impact to the region,” Pollock said.

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The company’s expansion of its third party logistics in Australia is set to bring continued success to the market for both consumers and ambassadors.

In less than four years of the company’s introduction to the Australian market, sales have increased, and the launch of Triplex highlights continued growth and development.

Source: Plexus Worldwide


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