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World’s first Australian Sheep Sustainability Framework launched

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The Australian sheep meat and wool industry have launched the world’s first Sheep Sustainability Framework, which outlines metrics to track progress in certain focus areas.

The Sheep Sustainability Framework is a unique food and fibre framework led by the Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) and WoolProducers Australia (WPA).

The framework encompasses the value chain for both Australian sheep meat and wool – from farm to fork and sheep to shelf.

The role of the framework is to demonstrate sustainable practices, identify areas for improvement, and more ways to communicate effectively with customers and consumers.

It will assist the industry to better understand opportunities, challenges and impacts, and importantly, improve transparency by providing evidence to customers that the food and fibre they purchase has been responsibly produced.

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SPA Chair Chris Mirams said there are significant opportunities available to Australia’s sheep industry because of the world’s growing interest and demand for sustainably produced food and fibre.

“Increasing access to markets and investment, building confidence in the integrity of sheep meat and wool products, enhancing community trust and better rewarding industry are some of the opportunities we have as a result of this growing consumer interest,” Mirams said.

“The Australian Sheep Sustainability Framework has been designed and developed so our sheep industry can best harness these opportunities and is a living document subject to review and refinement so that it remains relevant and meets the expectations of all stakeholders,” he said.

The framework has been developed through an industry-led Sustainability Steering Group appointed by SPA and WPA, who worked in close consultation with industry stakeholders and the broader community.

The steering group have identified 21 priorities across four pillars: Caring for our Sheep; Enhancing the Environment and Climate; Looking after our People, our Customers and the Community and Ensuring a Financially Resilient Industry.

Source: Sheep Producers Australia


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