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Amazon Australia’s mammoth robotics warehouse on track for completion

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Amazon Australia has announced that construction is well underway for its mammoth robotics warehouse in Western Sydney, with the building’s shell near complete.

The internet giant confirmed on Tuesday, March 16 the centre is on schedule for completion at the end of this year.

Amazon’s fulfilment centre – the largest warehouse ever built in Australia – spans 200,000 square metres across four levels, which is around the land size of Taronga Zoo, Chadstone shopping centre or 24 rugby league fields.

At present, more than1,400 people have worked on the construction of the site which included the erection of the 13,500-tonne Australian steel frame (more than the steel used for Sydney Olympic Stadium) erected using 200,000 nuts and bolts.

Amazon also said that by Wednesday, March 17, around 300 additional contractors will begin the complex fit out of the giant warehouse, includi

ng the installation of the conveyer belt and robotics equipment.

Once operational, the fulfilment centre will house up to 11 million items and will be equipped with the most advanced Amazon Robotics technology to better assist employees and serve customers, as well as contributing to the company’s efforts to continue improving selection and delivery experience for its customers around Australia.

Amazon said that the FC will create more than 1,500 jobs with competitive pay and the opportunity to work alongside advance robotics.

“We are pleased to confirm we are on track to open our first Amazon Robotics site for Australia in Western Sydney this year delivering more than 1,500 local jobs with the opportunity to work alongside advanced robotics,” said Craig Fuller, Director of Operations, Amazon Australia.

Fuller said this will be Amazon’s fifth FC and will effectively double their operational footprint in Australia, providing customers with a wider selection and faster delivery when ordering via Amazon.com.au.

“Utilising advanced technology, the robotics will enhance the efficiency of our operations as well as the safety of our associates, helping to support our Amazonians as they pick, pack and ship the millions of items housed within the FC to customers around the country,” he said.

Robots work collaboratively with employees by moving the pods of inventory to them, reducing the time and effort that would otherwise be required for the employee to stow items for sale or pick them for new customer orders. They also save space, allowing for 50 per cent more items to be stowed per square metre which in turn allows for increased product selection.

Located at Goodman/Brickworks’ Oakdale West Industrial Estate, the robotics facility will be Amazon’s second FC in Western Sydney, and fifth in Australia.

Source: Amazon Australia 


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