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Introducing Supply Chain Channel Weekly Wine Down

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Being isolated can take its toll on our mental health. Although we are constantly busy with our business as usuals, we cannot help to stop and yearn for personal interaction that we use to have when we used to go to the office.

We at the Supply Chain Channel wants everyone to stay connected and informed during this mandatory lockdown. With that in mind, we are launching, SCC’s Weekly Wine Down’s,  your informal chat over a beverage or two! We are bringing the community back together during isolation for 45 minutes of discussion, laughs, and weekly wind downs.

Every week we will have different presenters who will give their insights on the current issues we are facing in the Supply Chain industry.

For the calendar, please see the image below:


free supply chain eventTo make each session meaningful we cap attendees to 20 every week. Register here to secure a seat.

Support this event by offering drinks to our attendees, email info@supplychain.com

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