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The AVR Lab, Librestream to bring operational efficiency to ANZ markets

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Augmented and virtual reality (AVR) supplier The AVR Lab has announced a partnership with Canadian tech company Librestream Technologies to bring operational efficiency to ANZ markets. 

The partnership with The AVR Lab and Librestream will bring the Onsight platform to the Australian and New Zealand markets to expand the services available for field-workers, increasing operational efficiency for the rugged environment. 

Onsight is used globally in rugged industries such as 

  • energy 
  • oil and gas 
  • aerospace  
  • manufacturing 
  • mining 
  • heavy equipment 
  • health 

Several of the benefits that the platform provides include:

  • improved consistency and productivity through digital work instructions 
  • verification and support via remote expert video assistance 
  • creation of intelligent data via Computer Vision and advanced Artificial Intelligence 
  • the ability to capture and
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    centralize content for training and audits 
  •  IoT data visualization from test instruments and data sources 

“We are excited to work with the Librestream team,” said Danny Gambaro, Director, The AVR Lab.  

Gambaro said they have been looking for a solution that meets the needs of the Australian market, specifically for their more rugged industries and have found Librestream Onsight to be one of the best solutions in the market.  

“We’re honoured that The AVR Lab chose our industry-leading AR solution for the Australian and New Zealand markets,” said Tim Harader, VP of Business Development, Librestream 

Harader said that Librestream’s offering enables customers to achieve the benefits of AR, such as cost savings, productivity, increased revenue and more.  

The company’s Onsight video collaboration platforaims to bring the eyes and ears of experts into the field virtually to immediately resolve issues and assess environments. 



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